Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the drink that words cannot describe! It's not a cherry drink, its not an apple drink, its not a root beer and it's not even a cola. Dr Pepper is a unique flavour of it's own! Enjoyed around the world, Dr Pepper is a favourite inside and outside of America. Try our range of Dr Pepper flavoured products today!

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Dr Pepper Dark Berry - 12fl.oz (355ml)


Limited edition Dr. Pepper Dark Berry takes the classic Dr. Pepper taste that fans already love and brings out it's dark side with intriguing fruit flavours such as blackberry, blackcurrant and black cherry! If you're a fan of Dr. Pepper, you've got to try this flavour while it's here!Imported from the USA...

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Dr Pepper Vanilla Float - 12fl.oz (355ml) [LIMITED EDITION]


YES! It's back for 2019! Dr Pepper Vanilla Float finally returned for the first time last year after being on hiatus for the last 3 - 4 years, and now it's back once again for 2019! This can basically is summer; You got your sunglasses, flip-flops, grill tools, surfboard, fireworks, plus an Uncle Sam hat because this soda wants YOU to drink it. The..

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