Post is the number one breakfast brand in America. Post is well known for making some of the best cereals of all time such as “Lucky Charms” or “Pebbles”. Each bowl is full of the vitamins and minerals you need to start your day.

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Cap'n Crunch's Cotton Candy Crunch Cereal


Take your tastebuds to the carnival for breakfast with this new flavour of Cap'n Crunch cereal! Forget going to the fair to get your cotton candy fix; Quaker brings the delight of this sugary sweet treat to your breakfast bowl so you can enjoy the sweet taste and aromas of cotton candy right from the comfort of your own home!  Imported from th..

Hostess Twinkies Cereal


The new Post Hostess™ Twinkies™ Cereal is a delicious new way to enjoy the snack cake we all know and love in cereal form, giving fans another opportunity to satisfy their cravings. Twinkies Cereal replicates the distinctive taste and familiar oblong shape of the golden-coloured snack cake, delivering delightful sweetness in every bite.  Impor..

Oreo O's


If you were a 00's kid, you might remember this cereal; first seen in 1997, Oreo O's were discontinued in 2007, but now they've made their return and boy, are we glad! Oreo O's were without a doubt one of the best breakfast cereal for kids and adults alike. Made using the same 1997 original recipe, they promise to be just as scrumptious as you reme..

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