The company behind Twizzlers are responsible for the world record for longest ever licorice twist! At 1,200 feet (370m) in length, this record breaker cannot be eaten by any one person! Every year Twizzlers produce enough licorice to go around the world 40 times!

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Rainbow Twizzlers ( 351g)


Rainbow Twizzlers are your favourite classic strawberry Twizzlers in a whole new technicoloured, fruit-bowl flavoured dimension!  More colours, more flavours, more fun!  Each packet contains a random mix of:  Strawberry Orange Lemonade Watermelon Blue Raspberry Grape These Rainbow Twizzlers are a favourite among cake decorating gurus..

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Twizzlers Rainbow Candy Straw - SINGLE (7.5g)


Fancy brightening up your day? Check out these rainbow Twizzler twists! Each colour is a different flavour, and there's a six fruity flavours included; Blue Raspberry, Grape, Lemonade, Orange, Strawberry, and Watermelon. Ideal for snacking, parties, gifts, cake decorations, you name it!   Please Note: A flavour/colour will be chosen for you at..

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Twizzlers Sweet & Sour Filled Twists - 11oz (311g)


If you're a Twizzler's fan with a hankering for something sour, look no further! Hersheys Twizzlers sour candy-filled twists will satisfy your cravings for sure!  Imported from the USA...

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