Go Max, Go

Max Go set out to create extraordinarily delicious candy bars that were chocolatey, nougaty, caramely, peanutty, almondy, coconutty crazy indulgences without dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial ingredients, or cholesterol! They had a hunch your sweet tooth might be feeling the same way, and so they went to work on the concept. Happily, their efforts paid off and now even your inner angel (you know, the one who reminds you it’s gotta be vegan, or you’re dairy intolerant, or you need to kick those hydrogenated oils to the curb, etc.) can enjoy real candy bars again!  

Frankly, we think false modesty is overrated. So we’ll just come out and say Go Max Go brought to life the best tasting natural candy bars ever! We are pleased to offer to you the finest vegan versions of the candy bars you grew up with. Make room for the NEW classics.  

Combine great taste, good sense, sweeten with compassion, and what have you got? A Go Max Go candy bar!

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Go Max Go 2fer™ Vegan Candy Bar - 1.5oz (43g)


Sweet tooth got ya baffled? Can’t decide between a cookie or a candy bar? Well cheer up sunshine, we’ve got the answer. Introducing the 2fer, a crunchy shortbread cookie layered with a rich buttery tasting caramel and all wrapped up in a sublime chocolatey coating. When you want it all (and who doesn’t) it’s a 2fer for you!  Product Attributes..

Go Max Go Buccaneer™ Vegan Candy Bar - 2oz (57g)


How does a rich, fluffy, chocolatey nougat covered in a creamy chocolatey coating sound right about now? If you can’t answer because desire is consuming you… aye matey, ’tis a Buccaneer™ bar for you!     Product Attributes: Gluten-Free No Artificial IngredientsNo Hydrogenated Oils / Trans FatsVegan Non-GM IngredientsNo Corn Syrup Naturall..

Go Max Go Cleo's White™ Vegan Peanut Butter Cups - 1.5oz (43g)


A white “chocolate” version of our incredible Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups. ’nuff said! Go get ’em!!  Product Attributes: Gluten-Free No Artificial IngredientsNo Hydrogenated Oils / Trans FatsVegan · Non-GM IngredientsNo Corn Syrup Naturally Cholesterol-Free The ONLY vegan peanut butter cups on the market with a white-chocolate-like flavorThe O..

Go Max Go Cleo's™ Vegan Peanut Butter Cups - 1.5oz (43g)


Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and Antony. Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Some romances turn out better than others. At long last, our one-and-only chocolatey coating cuddles the creamiest, dreamiest peanut butter filling ever! So, if this combo makes you want to walk like an Egyptian, Cleo’s™ peanut butter cups are for you!  Product Attributes: Gl..

Go Max Go Jokerz™ Vegan Candy Bar - 2.1oz (60g)


When your idea of the perfect candy bar is all about peanutty goodness, then we’ve got you covered. If layers of dry roasted peanuts, buttery-tasting caramel, and rich peanut nougat, sweetly wrapped in a delicious chocolatey coating sounds like a little slice of heaven, then smile, the Jokerz™ bar is for you!  Product Attributes: No Artificia..

Go Max Go Mahalo™ Vegan Candy Bar - 2oz (57g)


If you crave a gently sweetened coconut candy bar topped with three whole dry roasted almonds and covered in a luscious chocolatey coating… hang loose, the Mahalo™ bar is for you!  Product Attributes:  Gluten-Free No Artificial Ingredients No Hydrogenated Oils / Trans Fats Vegan Non-GM IngredientsNo Corn SyrupNaturally Cholesterol-Free &n..

Go Max Go Thumbs Up™ Vegan Candy Bar - 1.3oz (37g)


Are you searching for a candy bar that talks to you? One that’ll sass you back with a light, crispy cRuNcH every time you take a bite? Does a bar with a flaky, sweet ‘n salty, peanut buttery center combined with our signature-recipe chocolatey coating sound totally tubular? Then dude, sink your chompers into a Thumbs Up™ — it’s the bar for you! &nb..

Go Max Go Twilight™ Vegan Candy Bar - 2.1oz (60g)


Imagine a rich, fluffy, chocolatey nougat topped with a layer of thick, buttery-tasting caramel all wrapped up in our very own creamy, chocolatey coating. If this gives you sweet dreams of good taste, then the Twilight™ bar is for you!  Product Attributes:  Gluten-Free (NEWLY GLUTEN-FREE! – LOOK FOR THE GF SYMBOL) No Artificial Ingredient..

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